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1.Door styles and finish:
Newstar offers cabinetry in many beautiful, natural woods and a variety of laminates. In this section you can view the door styles and the finish offered in each species and decide which look suits your personal taste.

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01 Valley Forge Raised 02Timberline 03Alpine 04Vienna Beadboardc 05Windsor Beadboard
06Brentwood Beadboard 07LaCross 08Shaker w/AM1 09Shaker w/AM4 10Shaker w/AM9
11Shaker w/AM10 12Shaker w/Modified AM3 13Shaker w/Modified AM 14Shaker with AM8 15Shaker with AM6
16Penbrook Classic 17Heritage Classic 18Heritage Classic w/AM2 19SHeritage Classic w/AM5 20Vienna Flat
21Windsor Flat 22Stafford Beadboard 23 24Heritage Beaded SP 25Sterling with AM7
26Valley Forge w/AM2 27Brighton Beadboard 28Sterling Flat Panel 29Stanton Raised Panel 30Beadboard Shaker w/AM2
31Hamilton 32Madison 33Chisholm Beaded 34Lexington 35Chisholm Classic
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