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1.Door styles and finish:
Newstar offers cabinetry in many beautiful, natural woods and a variety of laminates. In this section you can view the door styles and the finish offered in each species and decide which look suits your personal taste.

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36Richmond 37Covington 38Charleston 39Valley Forge 40Fairmount
41Ridgewood 42Vienna Classic 43Vienna Beaded 44Oxford 45Windsor Classic
46Windsor Beaded 47Innsbruck 48Brentwood Classic 49Brentwood Beaded 50Wellington
51Manhattan 52Manhattan Planked 53Winfield 54Waverly 55Leawood
56Lawrence 57Lenexa 58Lincoln 59Kensington 60Shaker
61Grooved Shaker 62Beadboard Shaker 63Penbrook 64Huntington (Pegs) 65Stafford
66Salem (Pegs) 67Country Shaker 68Penbrook Beaded 69Heritage Beaded 70Sterling
71Salem 72Heritage Beaded SP 73Charleston SP 74Evergreen  
11Shaker w/AM10 12Shaker w/Modified AM3 13Shaker w/Modified AM 14Shaker with AM8 15Shaker with AM6
16Penbrook Classic 17Heritage Classic 18Heritage Classic w/AM2 19SHeritage Classic w/AM5 20Vienna Flat
21Windsor Flat 22Stafford Beadboard 23 24Heritage Beaded SP 25Sterling with AM7
26Valley Forge w/AM2 27Brighton Beadboard 28Sterling Flat Panel 29Stanton Raised Panel 30Beadboard Shaker w/AM2
31Hamilton 32Madison 33Chisholm Beaded 34Lexington 35Chisholm Classic
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