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Four Mistakes need to avoid when you buy a kitchen cabinet

From: Date:5/6/2013

In accordance with the kitchen renovation process, the cabinet is first determined. Although the decoration company in the overall design of the kitchen are becoming increasingly sophisticated, the function is almost perfect, but in the choice of a variety of beautiful, beautiful cabinets, some of the more important issues tend to be ignored, in order not to causing inconvenience to the future use, you can still take consulted about the home chef ".


Misunderstanding blindly choose open


The layout design, multi increase the size of the kitchen, or even with the restaurant as a whole, many people also like to imitate foreign kitchen design, kitchen design Kitchenware integration, or even the dining kitchen passenger integration. While this design has its positive side, housewives worked hard in her line of sight is always accompanied by family, very human. But taking into account people's eating habits, experts suggest that this design is to be used with caution, especially like to enjoy the cuisine at home. If you really like this style of design, it may be improved cooking stove "off", surrounded by glass, neither block line of sight, can also block the fumes.


Myth hood is not practical


Imported brands had the whole kitchen in the market, the range hood shape and harmonious design of the whole kitchen, so that the people themselves, flat body design, simple fashion, each prices are more than 3000 yuan , but there is still a market. However, feedback from the current market, a lot of flat-panel hood are less suited to the condition. Because the hoods is too shallow or no hoods, too late to take away the fumes serious spillover diffusion. Over time, greasy attached to the counter or wall. Kitchen hygiene has become another problem you a headache.


According to informed sources, the European design range hood pumping power is generally less than domestic ordinary section of the large, maximum block pumping power can be quite ordinary range hood, but due to the narrow flue, generally only 9 cm about noise, relatively speaking also, while the domestic ordinary hood flue at least 15 cm or more. Be careful in the choice of range hoods, but If you small family almost do not cook, talk about the beautiful and stylish, do not care about mentioning.


Myth inferior hardware


Hardware on the cabinets can be said is the most important part of the whole kitchen, the table is more important than even the cabinet plate, which directly affects the overall quality of the cabinets, the hardware is good or bad based on years of experience in the development of foreign kitchen, become an important symbol of the difference between good and bad cabinets. But it did not arouse the attention of domestic cabinet maker, and no consumer concerns.


Cabinet doors to switch thousands of times on a million times, made the hinge is difficult to meet this requirement, consumers in custom cabinetry must be willing to spend on the point. Domestic cabinet most of the use of domestic hardware, mainly in order to reduce costs, at a low price as the primary means to win customers. However, there are some brands of cabinet hardware brand or mark the prices of different grades, so that consumers have a choice clearly marked.


Myth unreasonable operating area


The renovated kitchen is sure to emphasize practicality, not only in conjunction with the operation process rational arrangement of the operating area, table height, the height of the cabinet and the thickness of the brightness of the light must be adjusted according to the specific needs of the owners. Home "chef" views are very important, as far as possible in the overall consideration, in-depth communication with the cabinet designer.


Many designers are accustomed to the cabinet as individual works, to realize their ideas through the design. But to really feel the ease of operation, more of a need to combine personal experience and life experience of the owners.