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Cabinet size

From: Date:3/1/2017

The cabinet size is very importan in cabinet design. It will affect the life of the cabinet and the use of convenience. This article deals with some of the usual size in the cabinet today.Everyone can understand the design of the cabinet and come in handy. (Ground high + floor cabinet + countertop = total height of 800-850mm)

First, countertop

1. General quartz countertop thickness 15mm, acrylic table thickness 12mm, another quartz stone thick there are 20mm, 25mm and so on.

2. Cabinet table width standard size is 600mm; but usually some small kitchen need for non-standard size is also required to be the smallest 500mm, you have to refer to the width of the sink and stove; at the same time do U-type kitchen when need to put microwave ovens and other electrical appliances the width at least 400mm; bar table width 400mm in general.

3. A board of countertop is generally long 3000mm, and then long to be spliced, splicing as far as possible to avoid the sink.

4. Under the table hanging and backsplash height 50mm.

Second, the floor cabinet

1. Cabinet board thickness 18mm, back plate thickness 5mm.

2. Floor cabinet are generally deep 550mm, under normal circumstances the sink stove under the cabinet and drawer basket need to be based on their size can not be arbitrarily reduced.

3. The width of the floor cabinet is not less than 300mm, otherwise the door is too small, inconvenient to use and install. The size of the rice box is 200mm, but the rice box is recommended to choose larger if the size of cabinet is enough.

4. The size of the big hardware cabinet should be designed according to the actual size of the hardware.

5. The height of the floor cabinet is generally 660mm, the sink cabinet can do high to 750mm.

 Third, hanging cabinet

1. Cabinet board is as thick as floor cabinet.

2. Hanging cabinet depth of 330mm, do hanging cabinet with a cooker hood need to deepen the size. According to the hood size to design, try not to do too deep or easy to hit.

3. The width of the hanging cabinet is better between 300mm and 1000mm. Small width is inconvenient and hanging cabinet with large width is not safe.

4. Hanging cabinet height is generally 700mm, according to the cabinet hanging height and ceiling height, the hanging cabinet will not be too high.Too high impact on beauty and safety.

5. Hanging cabinet hanging height is generally 700-750mm. In general, the height of the hanging cabinet is highly consistent with the cooker hood.

Fourth, cabinet feet and skirting board

1. Normal installation of the cabinet feet height of 110mm, it is adjustable size.

2. Now skirting board mostly are aluminum alloy, height 105mm.