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Brief Introduction of Cabinet Structure

From: Date:3/10/2017

First, the appearance of the overall cabinet is divided into three parts: hanging cabinets, countertops, floor cabinets. In addition to the needs of the home can also be designed to the half high cabinet, high cabinet, island cabinet.

Hanging cabinet: its standard height of 650mm, diameter is 320mm (including the door), you can designed disinfect cabinet, microwave oven and drain bowl in the hanging cabinet.

Countertop: its standard diameter is 550mm or 600mm, the length of the design according to the actual situation.

Floor cabinet: its standard height is 650mm, the depth is 520mm (including the door) or 570mm (including the door), which is divided into stove cabinet, basin cabinet and drawer cabinet.

Half-height cabinet: its standard height is about 1.4m, the depth is the same as the floor cabinet. It can be used as lockers.

High cabinet: its standard height is about 2.1m, the depth is the same as the floor cabinet.It can also be used as lockers. You can sew the pipeline in the inside.

Second, the layout of the overall cabinet work area

The layout of the overall cabinet work area: according to the size of the kitchen, the cabinet can be arranged as "one" type and "L" type and "U" type and "side by side" type, "island" type.

 1, "one" type:

"One" type cabinet is limited to design on the wall, used in corridor kitchen and narrow crockery;

 2, "L" type:

"L" type of kitchen up to the width of 1800 mm within the kitchen, you can improve the operating function, but also for the width of more than 2000 mm kitchen;

3, " side by side " type:

" side by side " kitchen confined to the kitchen with another corridor or door, subject to local impact.

 4, "U" type:

"U" type apply to large space, a large number of family dining kitchen, but must pay attention to the middle distance to have more than 1000 mm.

5, "Island" type:

"Island" type cabinet is based on the actual situation, in the middle of "one" type or "U" type kitchen to join the dinner and other functional console cabinets which is suitable for the kitchen with large space.

In short, the cabinet layout according to the kitchen environment, customer requirements and design concepts to set. There is no fixed rules, when the customer's request to change, the whole program will change.