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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cabinets with Marble Countertop

From: Date:3/17/2017

Marble is a very beautiful stone which by a lot of home improvement consumer favorite. Today, cabinets with marble countertop are very popular in the market, not only in its texture, but also a symbol of status.

  Now people's living standards are getting better and better, everyone's home improvement requirements are improved. In the choice of cabinet material is also the same, many people will consider the choice of natural stone, especially marble, but the cabinet with marble countertop is whether good?

Advantages of cabinets with marble countertop

  1, The embodiment of identity: This stone prices are generally higher, pattern flowers varied, a lot of style for consumers to choose. The use of marble decoration is beautiful and high-grade, many rich people choose marble, slowly became a symbol of status.

  2, Because it is stone, its high temperature performance and waterproof performance both are very good. Cooking and operating in the cabinet, so in such an environment to use marble is a good choice.

  3, The surface is smooth but not easy to scratch.

  4, Cabinet with marble countertop cleaning is very simple, generally with a damp cloth plus cleaning agent, usually to ensure that dry.

Disadvantages of cabinets with marble countertop

  1, The general marble need to splice, then the gap is easy to breed bacteria, long-term impact on health.

  2, This stone hardness is high, but no flexibility, if you encounter heavy blows prone to cracks, the stains will permeate into it. It is difficult to clean and affect the cabinet appearance.

Cabinet with marble countertop maintenance method

  1, Take a soft cloth or sponge dip warm water to clean, do not need too much water, as long as the guarantee of soft cloth and sponge can be wet.

  2, If usually less clean, resulting in the cabinet surface is dirty, you can use some dry borax and damp cloth scrub, and finally dry with a dry cloth, the marble will become very bright after cleaning.

  3, In the usual use of cabinets in the process, we should pay attention to avoid with chemicals, strong acid detergent contact, if inadvertently with contact, to clean up in a timely manner.

  4, High temperature food and utensils shall not be placed on the marble countertops, which is easy to damage the surface of the stone, affecting the appearance.

  5, After using the cabinet, if the countertop with water, then dry in time and keep dry, or easy to leave the watermark.