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The Cleaning Method of Cabinet

From: Date:3/24/2017

1, Artificial stone and stainless steel cabinet should not use hard scouring cloth, steel ball, chemical agent wipe or steel brush grinding, use a soft towel, soft scouring cloth with water or brightener, otherwise it will cause scratches or erosion.

2, Fire board material cabinet can use household cleaning agent, with nylon brush or nylon ball wipe, and then wipe with a hot cloth, and finally wipe with a dry cloth.

3, Natural stone countertops should use soft scouring pad, can not use toluene cleaning agent wipe, otherwise it is difficult to remove the white spots. You can not use the acidity of the clean toilet powder and dilute hydrochloric acid when clear the scale, otherwise it will damage the glaze to lose its luster.

4, If the cabinet is the wood material, should first use the duster to remove the dust, and then dry cloth or dip wood maintenance special emulsion to wipe, do not use wet cloth and oil cleaners.

5, Wash basin or gas furnace and other countertops should avoid knocking or impact, two table at the junction, should avoid long-term moisture soaking.

6, Regardless of which kind of material used in the cabinet, after each use of cooking, should promptly put the hood surface, gas stove, wall tiles and table wipe clean, and the use of equipment and condiments after cleaning back to the original.

7, Cleaning wipe the cabinet countertops should avoid the water for a long time to stay on the table, regardless of any material, long-term water will reduce its life. Remove the fumes stains in a timely manner with a damp cloth, and the aging of the dirt need special treatment with detergent.

8, Metal material, natural stone easy to clean and durable, usually to dry soft cloth can be cleaned, but should pay attention to soft cloth must be clean, and have to wipe along the direction, so as to avoid scratches. The appropriate use of cleaning agents, activators and other professional product maintenance, can more keep table top gloss and texture uniform appearance.

9, Solid wood or solid wood paste leather door maintenance should avoid close to heat, power, water and direct sunlight. Generally the best cleaning is wiped with a moist leather cloth, in the case of the use of cleaning agents, choose a mild cleaning products, and then wipe clean with water. In order to avoid dry, in the maintenance can choose the cleaning wax to wipe. But also should avoid the use of nitric acid or synthetic resin products, otherwise it will cause harm to the kitchenware.