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Three Characteristics of The Cabinet

From: Date:4/7/2017

1. Practicality

First of all, as the essential part of daily life -- cooking, the premise requirement is that all instruments and other ingredients of the reasonable and orderly placed in relatively convenient operation and comfortable position, this is also the birth of the cabinet, the most basic functions of cabinet: storage function.

Secondly, based on the storage should be reasonable and orderly operation of the order in accordance with reasonable layout the three-point line method of operating platform, sink, stove, in order to improve work efficiency.

2. Aesthetics

Taking into account the storage of goods at the same time, the overall cabinet should also take into account the other principle is aesthetic. Not only from the point of view, the color of the table and the door should be reasonable, style and function in harmony, but also from the relative point of view to take into account the wall, floor and the overall style of the decoration. For example: the continental style of decoration to choose solid wood cabinets to collocation, if economic conditions do not allow, on the choice of molded plastic to match, in accordance with the overall color, mainly taking into account the color of the door. But if the plastic series collocation European style decoration, the best choice is film series of wood, the overall appearance of the effect is basically the same as solid wood , only the wood texture is not prominent, not open wood frame and some wood carving decorative lines.

3. Necessity

At present, the overall cabinet customization has become a popular trend, but also the pace of modern urban life is gradually accelerating, the quality of life is gradually improving. The aesthetic concept of the masses is also undergoing tremendous changes. Not only reflected in the usual food and clothing, more reflected in the level of home. The requirements of the cabinet, not only to achieve the basic operating requirements, but also simple and convenient; more importantly, and the overall home with the best visual effects.

In this way, it is not a simple woodworking field before the cabinet can solve the problem. This requires a professional systematic process to complete the work. This is not only reflected in the cabinet design, more important is also reflected in the overall work of the cabinet. Coupled with the overall quality of their own commitment to the cabinet, custom cabinets must be integral elements of modern decoration.