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Bathroom Cabinet Waterproof Points

From: Date:4/13/2017

A combination of bathroom cabinet should both to enhance the bathroom aesthetics, but also to achieve the practical storage of the bathroom. Looking at the clean bathroom space, the mood is also good. But the bathroom cabinet is the most delicate sanitary ware of the bathroom, if you do not attach importance to cleaning and maintenance it will soon be "old color", even the quality and the function will be greatly reduced, take a look at how to carry out a full range of bathroom cabinet maintenance.

Bathroom cabinet materials variety, natural materials are stone, ceramics, solid wood, MDF and so on, metal chemical materials are PVC, acrylic, stainless steel, different materials bathroom cabinet should be differentiated conservation.

Artificial stone / natural stone, ceramic is the bathroom cabinet commonly used surface material. According to the variety of stone and ceramics, the use of the environment, the main source of pollution to choose the appropriate cleaning agent and cleaning methods. If you do not understand the specific situation and blindly use the cleaning agent will cause stone damage, deterioration, yellowing, black and other different consequences.

Bathroom has more moisture, the wet problem is difficult to avoid, how to do the bathroom cabinet items moisture-proof work? Some small design and wonderful mind of Installation can effectively help you solve the bathroom cabinet moisture problem.

Metal high leg to avoid contact with ground water vapor

Bathroom cabinet if the choice of wooden cabinet legs is easy to damp, and will be unknowingly will be tidal to the cabinet, will eventually lead to deformation of the entire cabinet. If the bottom of the cabinet with metal as a leg material to support cabinet, the problem was cleverly resolved. In addition the aluminum cabinet legs "bones" strong, in the basin of "pressure" in front of fearless, rust-proof features to ensure that the cabinet legs do not rust after contact with water

Pipeline installed at the end of leakage waterproof

Basin directly attached to the cabinet is our common, the use of frequency is also high. The basin of the outlet pipe will go through the floor into the ground, the basin of condensate will also take the opportunity to quietly from the edge of the board dipped into the cabinet floor, so that the bathroom cabinet floor damp deformation. As long as the bottom of the pool at the bottom of the pipeline to install waterproof bottom leakage, the cabinet life can be extended.