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Bathroom Cabinet Installation Precautions

From: Date:4/26/2017

1. Keep the bathroom air circulation, cabinet dry, prolong the service life. If water droplets should be wiped with a cloth in time to avoid watering .

2. Please do not put the cabinet mirror and ground contact, should be padded with soft objects, so as not to bumps.

3. During assembly, be careful to prevent metal blades such as screwdrivers from scratching the surface of the board.

4. Clean the cabinet, the cabinet cleaner is best to use neutral reagents, such as: wipe with a toothpaste, soft cloth wipe, is also a simple maintenance method can be sprayed on the cupboard.

5. Standing some furniture with liquid wax, easy to wipe, clean with a soft cloth, should not use wire, scouring cloth, strong chemical scrub.

6. Cabinet storage cleaning supplies, it is best in the following pad a layer of easy to clean the plastic pad or small face towel.

According to the usual bath experience, we will find the bathroom basin or faucet encountered hot air will produce a lot of condensate, the water will flow along the table into the bottom of the cabinet, causing mold deformation. If you can in time at the bottom of the cabinet with a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pad can solve this problem, put them in the bottom of the drawer, while the moisture can also be fixed bath products.

7. try to keep the space dry and wet separation, to prevent water long left in the cabinet.

The main source of moisture is the ground, into the wall, wall-mounted bathroom cabinet to solve the problem of moisture absorption at the bottom of the cabinet, successfully blocked the bathroom cabinet 50% of the water vapor through. Both to avoid direct contact with the ground cabinet, but also to maximize the use of the bathroom upper space

8. The water pipe should be connected to check whether the water leakage.

Basin directly attached to the cabinet is our common to see, the use of frequency is also high. The basin of the outlet pipe will go through the floor into the ground, the basin of condensate will also take the opportunity to quietly from the edge of the board dipped into the cabinet floor, so that the bathroom cabinet floor damp deformation. As long as the bottom of the pool at the exit of the pipeline to install waterproof bottom leakage, the cabinet life can be extended.