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The Basic Introduction of The Cabinet

From: Date:5/1/2017

Cabinet is the platform of kitchenware storage and cooking operation in kitchen. The use of higher brightness with the color, composed of five pieces, cabinet, door, hardware, countertops, electrical appliances.

The whole cabinet, also known as "the whole kitchen", refers to the cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances, kitchen utensils consisting of four-in-one cabinet combination. It is characterized by the cabinet and console and kitchen appliances and various functional components of the organic combination, and in accordance with the consumer home kitchen structure, area, and family members of the individual needs, through the overall configuration, the overall design, the overall construction, and finally The formation of complete sets of products; to achieve the kitchen work of the overall coordination of each process, and create a good family atmosphere, a strong atmosphere of life.

Cabinet: According to the spatial structure, including hanging cabinet, floor cabinet, decorative cabinet, high cabinet and so on

Cabinet door: choose a larger, according to the material composition, including wood doors, aluminum doors, shutter doors and so on

Decorative plate: including partitions, roof, the top line board, back wall decoration, and so on

Countertops: including artificial stone, fire board, artificial quartz stone, stainless steel countertops, natural stone countertops, excellent slate, etc.

The foot: including the foot board, adjust the foot and connectors. Adjust the feet commonly used plastic and aluminum alloy feet

Hardware accessories: including door hinges, rails, handles, hanging code, other structural accessories, decorative accessories, etc.

Function accessories: including the star basin (artificial stone basin and stainless steel basin), faucet, on the water, soap dispenser, all kinds of pull baskets, Lycra, shelves, rice boxes, trash, etc.

Lamps: lamellar lights, roof lights, all built-in, external cabinet lights

Popular elements: calm tone, strong sense of wood, integrated

From the cabinet color point of view, calm atmosphere of the black and gray, dark coffee will become the next two years the popular hue of the cabinet. At the same time, monochrome highlights, such as white, red, olive green, vanilla, etc. will continue to be popular.

In the monochrome background, the local woodworking embellishment or natural wood grain cabinets will be welcome, wood grain return. Classical style cabinets are mostly solid wood, frame and door are hand-carved, coupled with hand painted and polished, reflecting the ancient style. Modern style cabinets are also keeping up with this trend, imitation wood grain cabinets will appear in large numbers, from the visual to create a warm woody sense.