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The Difference between The Whole Kitchen and The Whole Cabinet

From: Date:5/18/2017

1, the whole kitchen is the kitchen as a whole to look at. According to the characteristics of the kitchen to the cabinet as a carrier, furniture, electrical appliances, hoods, stove cooking utensils, fuel appliances, water pots and other reasonable placement, both cooking, cooking, storage and garbage collection and other functions of the organic whole. Organically the kitchen of energy, up and down facilities reasonable combination, both to complete the cooking work, harmless to the human body, but also with landscaping decorative functions.

2, the whole cabinet is from the house, it is based on ergonomic people cooking habits and procedures, a series of functions together, so that washing, cutting, burning, storage functions can be completed in a series of overall cabinet system , Basically to the scientific, the degree of integration. Cabinet systems include floor cabinets, hanging cabinets, countertops and sinks, hardware accessories, etc. can be placed pots, bowls, ladders, pots and other cooking utensils kitchen furniture.

3, from the cabinet to the kitchen, the overall cabinet from the concept of the whole room kitchen there is a certain distance, the kitchen application of the product is not complete, because there is no high degree of standardization, and some facilities can not be compatible between the overall kitchen represents a different design Concept, service quality and quality of life, taking into account the wall, the top, the ground, doors and windows, lighting, including the use of furniture and electrical equipment, is a broader concept.

4, the proposed kitchen decoration, the first standard to draw the final purpose of the construction design, coordination with the house, decoration in one step. To avoid a complete set of cabinets to buy home, in order to avoid more and more complex lines, not destroyed the backplane, floor, is to cut off a piece, until the completion of the decoration has been incomplete situation.

5, if the whole cabinet production enterprises to use the electrical, environmental and other factors into account, with the use of the range hood, microwave ovens, ovens, whether color, size or style are matched with the cabinet, matching, It is a real step towards the concept of the whole kitchen

6, Summary: The overall kitchen is a wider range of concepts, integration space is bigger, and more electrical appliances, kitchen utensils, environmental factors into account.

Cabinet structure to the floor cabinet, hanging cabinet, high cabinet three categories, its functions include washing, cooking and storage. Cabinets generally by the table (desktop), door, cabinet, kitchen electric, sink, hardware accessories.