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Solid Wood Cabinet

From: Date:5/25/2017

2017 cabinet fashion trend, as a luxury supporting high-end solid wood cabinets dominate, and primary solid wood, classical design, solid wood components and imitation processing and exquisite carving as the current solid wood cabinet of the new expression in the current cabinet industry solid wood cabinets is the classic.

Usually solid wood cabinet more gives a kind of immutable impression, the original expression of wood coupled with heavy cabinet, how much appears to be solemn and serious. In fact, as long as more than visiting the cabinet market will find that today's solid wood cabinets have become very colorful. It is understood that this year's solid wood cabinet style changes are mainly reflected in the details, such as carving, grille to join, so that the door is more out of color, the cabinet has become more tangible, in the processing of lace and paint color is also more fine; The island top to become the classic design of solid wood cabinets this year, the general solid wood cabinet area are larger, so made of island can make solid wood cabinet vision more open.

From the color point of view, solid wood paste cabinets in this year have more choices, the traditional wood color is still popular, but the color has been from deep to shallow, light yellow wood color becomes more popular, and a variety of shallow of the green, pure white are appear in solid wood cabinets, showing a bright color. At the same time in order to adapt to the kitchen environment, manufacturers in the wood surface also spent a lot of thought, with a variety of methods to show the original solid wood at the same time as much as possible to keep the solid wood to maintain a smooth and durable texture, more upscale brands and even manual paint, so that this has a noble expression of the cabinet can be as durable.

Cabinets are mainly cherry wood, walnut, oak, maple-based, because the high cost of solid wood, so the cost of solid wood cabinets will be higher than other materials cabinet. In previous years, due to the high cost of solid wood cabinets, the price fluctuations are small, but because of today's timber prices increase, future prices may fluctuate. In addition, this year's style and color changes, so that consumers have more choices, so as long as you fancy favorite cabinet can be considered to buy.