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Particleboard production equipment

From: Date:4/10/2013


Single-dryer is the the OSB production of key equipment, the long wet wood shavings for long steel flaker dig dry, high thermal efficiency, and the destruction of wood shavings form, large production capacity, widely used in directional structure board and particleboard production enterprises. Shavings drying equipment are not subject to or less by the collision or friction. Single-channel hollow tumble dryer drum dryers. The combined effects of the airflow by means of the transfer cylinder and drum turn branched, so that the shavings to the trajectory of the approximate helix is formed in the transfer cylinder. Thus, shavings in the drum by the main soft of collision or soft friction between the wood shavings, thus shavings form the ideal protection. Directional shavings or straw SCRAP of larger planar dimension, the higher the moisture contained in the drying process is completed within a short period of time, rapid drying rate requirements. To this end, the general use of high-temperature (250 to 300 กใ) drying medium.



Single-dryer main body from the front, the feed inlet, seal, rotor assembly, and the rear end gear transmission parts, roller assembly, gear wheel components. Spirally in the the drum preceding paragraph cloth copy board, for the wet shavings can be uniformly distributed in the turn cylinder, and with the rotation of the drum forward. The entire length of the other portion of the transfer tube to the uniform distribution of a straight copy board copy board shavings took a shed, the drum is rotated, so that the contact surface of the shavings with hot air growth, in order to improve the drying rate, and promote shavings forward.