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Bathroom cabinet material

From: Date:4/24/2013

Bathroom cabinet surface materials have many types: natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, paint, glass, metal and wood, the substrate is the main body of the bathroom cabinet, quilt cover material cover. Bathroom cabinet material, what does?


First, the MDF


More common in some ordinary computer desk and office furniture, home furniture, used for the indoor booth display rack decoration, waterproof unsatisfactory. Easy expansion cracks, damp environment can not be used more water in the bathroom. However, some unscrupulous manufacturers and dealers often paste veneer MDF solid wood products posing deceive consumers.


Second, particleboard


The most common for some cheap computer tables and furniture and kitchenware, low cost, by the the woodworking processing of waste processing, high water absorption, can be identified from the edge of the openings and interface plate. Factory production, often through stickers Anti true mosaic, wood, plastic, leather, edge edging to other materials, and then on the colored paint processing. Adverse manufacturers and distributors are often based on the appearance of real ones do not understand the purchase of raw materials, such products to act as solid wood products.


Third, Blockboard


More common in some low-priced or high-priced wooden furniture, wood mosaic is divided into different wood species, the price is so different, compressive strength are very different due to the different types of wood and craftsmanship, The surface of the paint is doing a good job, exposure to the sun and moisture will be split.


Fourth, the oak panels


The oak has a unique wood grain, heartwood decay, high density, hard texture, is a hardwood class. Household goods made of oak with mahogany furniture dignified calm and noble. But the price is lower than the mahogany, due to the advantages of a large oak, the material is widely used to produce beer kegs, wine barrels, bathroom casks, flooring, outdoor wooden bridge.


Fifth, moisture-proof board


Although the board has a certain degree of moisture resistance, there are some manufacturers of melamine finishes, but the board due to the plate inside to add a lot of moisture-proof glue, formaldehyde found excessive, are environmentally friendly building materials.